Biológical Valorization of Methane Emissions «CH4Bioval» .

CH4BioVal project aims to obtain new methanotroph strains able to transform methane into the bio-polymer PHA and ectoine. This will contribute to couple the abatement of a gas with high green-house power, to the production of useful chemicals and bio-consumables.

The project combines the isolation of methanotroph strains using suitable selective pressures, with state of the art bioinformatic techniques to understand the metabolism of the selected strains and select targeted genetic modifications aiming to improve the performance of the strains.

General concept of the project:


CH4Bioval project globally aims at using biotechnologies, -which constitute a robust, low-cost and environmentally friendly treatment technique – for the abatement of methane emissions from both point and diffuse sources, while producing high value-added products of interest for the market, i.e. bioplastics (Polyhydroxy-alkanoates (PHAs)) and ectoine.

CH4Bioval contributes to:

(1) the isolation of highly efficient methanotrophs for the production of PHAs and ectoine

(2) a deep study of the isolated methanotrophs by omic-based techniques (genome sequencing, RNA-sequencing)

(3) the construction of Genome-Scale Metabolic Models (GSMM) to be used as scaffolds to design optimal metabolic engineering strategies


Work package (WP 1) – Enrichment in PHA and ectoine accumulating methanotrophs

Work package (WP) 2 – Isolation and characterization of high PHAs and ectoine producers

Work package (WP) 3 – Sequencing, genome assembly and annotation of 8 methanotrophs

Work package (WP) 4 – Reconstruction of genome scale metabolic models for each strain

Work package (WP) 5 – Identification of metabolic engineering targets

Work package (WP) 6 – Validation of metabolic engineering targets

Work package (WP) 7 – Assessment of industrial applications and IP aspects

Work package (WP) 8 – Communication and dissemination activities